Dr. Lazaros C. Polymenakos

Director, AI Technical Consulting, EY CESA

Dr. Lazaros Polymenakos (Ph.D. MIT ’95) is the Director of AI for EY Technical Consulting in Europe, CESA. He works on AI projects in NLP, Vision, and Dialog for EY clients and for the development of innovative EY new solutions/assets. The focus of his research is, in deep learning, advanced machine learning, speech, NLP, dialog, and knowledge representation. Throughout his career, he has defined, driven, and attracted funding for research initiatives, managed large and geographically dispersed teams, and successfully delivered research innovation projects. Before joining EY, he held Senior Research manager positions at Amazon Alexa AI for Alexa Dialog, and at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center for Implicit Learning Dialog and for Cognitive Dialog Systems. He also held academic positions at Deree College, AIT and CMU, reaching the level of Associate Dean at AIT.

Dr. Polymenakos’ research and academic work has led to more than 40 publications in international scientific journals, more than 50 papers in reviewed international conferences, and an edited book on Artificial Intelligence. He has more than 10 international patents, he is a member of IEEE, and has served in the organizing committee and review boards of several international journals, conferences, and workshops (Fred Jellinek Summer School 2020, Neurips Dialog Workshop 2018, DSTC6 &7 challenges on dialog systems, WebSci-09, ΑΙΑΙ-07, PIMRC-07, ΑΙΑΙ-06, ICSLP-06).