Scott Birnbaum

MORF Gallery CEO and Co-Founder

Scott Birnbaum is CEO of MORF Gallery, where he is fusing Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and the art world. He leads a team of award-winning artists that create highly collectible fine art with breakthrough technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and neuroscience.

He led Samsung’s multi-billion-dollar display business in the Americas for more than a decade. He is a driver of industry megatrends like the vidification of devices, bringing the movie theater experience to homes and pockets everywhere, and enabling televisions that double as art galleries. His insights have been shared with the Harvard Business Review, CNET, ABC News, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fast Company.

Scott also possesses a strong fascination with travel and his escapades include running with the Olympic Torch in China, the thrill of being chased by monkeys in Malaysia, and being thrust inside one of the world’s biggest waterfalls in South America. Tapping into his passions for cycling and helping kids, Scott and his son biked 550 miles from San Jose to Los Angeles creating Gears for Giving raising money and awareness for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.